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Top 5 Ways You Can Help Save Pets; It All Begins With You

Did you know that in the over 20 million pets that end up in animal shelters, 15 million of them are euthanized? It is such a pity that innocent pets have to go through this as a result of human cruelty, starvation, disease and neglect.

However, we have the power to change all of that by providing stable homes, food and medical care for these lovely fur friends. No one is completely helpless when it comes to helping save pets as there is lots of help out there.

If you have no idea on handling a specific type of pet then you can find help from animal related shows for instance National geographic among many other channels. You’ll be surprised at how educative they are and how much you can learn.

Helping save pets also begins with you by learning what to do and what not to do as far as pets are concerned. Never give pets away as gifts to friends unless you’re completely sure that they are capable of taking care of the pets. This has been the leading reason for strays. However, there are 5 ways you can help save pets.

1. Adopt a pet, always helps save a pet

Adopt a PetYou would be doing so many pets a favor by adopting from shelters instead of buying them from pet shops. Pets in shelters are most likely to be rescued from the streets as well as unworthy homes. They so desire to have a place to call home and belong.

By choosing to adopt a pet from animal shelters, you give these adorable friends a fresh start to life and something new to believe in. On the other hand, buying pets from a pet shop might be encouraging more harm than good.

Most pet stores buy their pets from cross breeders hence raising the chances of bringing forth unhealthy pet breeds. Putting a stop to this starts with you; by choosing not to buy from such pet stores. Reducing the demand on the cross breeds means that the breeders will have to stop doing it hence eventually saving pets.

Learn more about the process of adoption at:

2. Donate supplies or cash

cashIf you do not have enough room in your home to house a pet then there certainly are other ways that you help save pets. People are different, some are pet lovers while others aren’t and there is absolutely no problem with that. But majority of people care and dislike injustice.

You can choose to support pets in animal shelters by donating a small amount of cash every month or getting them supplies. The only way to know what they is needed is by making a telephone call to one of the shelters and making an inquiry. You will be surprised at how much stuff they need and how easy it is to provide some of them.

Money sent to animal shelters is mostly directed to buying medical supplies; most pets come in hurt with broken limbs, open wounds from other animals, malnourished and needing their usual vaccines. These can be quite expensive but if the community comes together and make monetary pledges then proper medical care can be achieved.

You can also help save pets in shelters by bringing in some supplies that can be found around your home for instance blankets and squishy toys ‘hand me downs’ from your kids. You will be touched at how wanted these things are by the pets.

Some of the top needed supplies that can help save pets include:

  • Food ,Treats and Food Dishes
  • Bedding, Towels and  blankets
  • Kennels and crates
  • Medical Supplies
  • Toys
  • Litter and Laundry Detergents
  • Grooming items
  • Leashes and collars
  • Newspaper and Place-mats

Donate at our local shelter or http://www.aspca.org/donate

3. Volunteer at animal shelters can help save pets

volunteerAnimal shelters could never have excess help in terms of volunteers. There are different ways that one could offer their help to pets.

Going over to the nearest animal shelter of your choice during the weekends or whenever you can will be much appreciated.

This would give you a chance to pet, play, clean and walk the pets. A few hours volunteering is enough and would definitely make a difference in these pet’s lives.

To make it even more fun, you can ask your friends and family to come with you.

Make it a bonding moment and make the best out of it.

4. Promote your Pets and Pet Awareness by creating a website for them and your family

wwwIf you happen to stumble upon a nice animal shelter or information that can help save pets, you can spread the word on your website or by creating your own website. You website can be a place to display your family adventures and showcases those precious Pet moments that goes viral online. Or this might also be a great way to teach people how to care for their pets and how to train them.

Some pet owners tend to give up on their pets for not knowing how to potty train, discipline and basically care for them. However, you can make this easy for them by creating an open forum whereby different pet owners can come together and share tips.

It’s amazing how helpful technology is and how many people can get access to it. Such helpful information might reach millions as opposed to just word of mouth in your community.

The internet helps bring people together towards this worthy course. You will be surprise just how much good you will be doing for pets by promoting them this way. Most people that come across a family website with pets pics tend to (at the very least) consider getting a pet.

Click here for a Step by Step Guide to Learn how you can create your own website in 10 minutes!!


5. Report Animal cruelty and speak out to Help Save Pets

speakCommunity policing begins with you especially when it comes to saving pets. You can be your neighbor’s pet keeper by having a close eye on how they treat their animals.

In cases where notice your neighbor or stranger mistreating their pet, by all means report it so that the pet can be rescued. Animal cruelty is an unfortunate act that breeds fear in pets and worst of all, inflicts pain on their bodies. Pets have emotions too and they basically feel everything we humans do. They cannot speak for themselves but you can do it for them and make a difference.

You can report cruelty to your local authorities or contact http://www.peta.org/


Everyone can help save pets if they choose to. A few hours at the rescue shelter is a selfless act, yet very important towards the pets welfare. It doesn’t matter if you are an animal person or not, you are bound to make a difference while there.

You can also choose to begin this charity from home. This can be easily done by; ensuring that your pets eat a special diet, refuse to buy leather products and fur. It only takes one person to make a difference, you.


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