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How to Bathe Your Cat

Today we look at how to give your cat a bath.

Be it after a long day out in the woods or after playing outside after the rain has turned the ground muddy, sometimes your cat needs to have a good old fashioned bath. “But wait,” you ask. “Cats and water are sort of like that proverbial mixture of oil and water: They don’t mix.” Well, I am here to tell you there are ways you can give your cat a Cat Bath and even have them like it.

Self Cleaning

First let us talk about the “Natural Bath”. Cats give themselves a good “self-cleaning” (when they use their tongue to lick themselves clean). As you know this requires zero effort on your part and it is great for your pet to self groom. however there are times when it may become difficult to self-groom properly ( if your pet is sick, or or in pain).  If your cat spends all day outdoors and then at night it will make itself’ at home inside, then self-cleaning is probably not the best method to ensure your cat health. Developing a routine Bath schedule is critical to maintaining good health for you pet.

Cat Wipes

If you still dread the thought of cleaning your cat, another alternative is to use cat wipes. This tends to be a less evasive and traumatizing method for your pet. These will make your cat a lot cleaner then if it used its’ tongue. And this is a great method to get your cat use to the idea of taking a bath. A lot of pet owners alternate this method with a regular bath routine to ensure Dandruff and other cat skin  issues do not occur.

The Full Bath

  • First and most importantly MAKE SURE YOUR CAT HAS ITS’ CLAWS TRIMMED. You will save yourself a lot of serious scratches if you make sure your cat has the claws clipped.
  • Secondly, be sure to wear a long sleeve sweatshirt and/or gloves, to make sure your cat doesn’t scratch any skin. If this is the first time giving you pet a bath you must understand that your cat will probably take the bath the same way you would take somebody throwing cold water on you.
  • Next you should examine your cats body and make sure it does not have any injuries or redness to the skin. This is critical because you want to make you cat has comfortable as possible. You don’t want to accidental irritate your pet.
  • Next you should lightly brush your cat with a grooming comb to remove any loose hair. This should relax your pet a bit and prepare them for the hardest part of the bath…”water”.
  • Next place your cat in a tub (or cat tub bath if you have one). When your cat is in the tub, hold them gently and soak them from the neck down. Talk to your cat in a nice calm quiet voice as this will keep them from being jumpy.
  • Next gently rub shampoo on the cat before rinsing the cat with a bucket of water, making sure not to get any on their head or in their ears. Gentle massage the shampoo into there coat, ensure that hidden areas get lather properly.
  • After this, rinse two more times and then take your cat out of the bath. Using a towel, gently press around your pet, rubbing as gently as possible to get as much water out as you can. If your cat has short hair, after you get the majority of the water up, you can let the hair air dry. If your cat is a longhair breed, keep up with the towels. When you are finished with their Cat Bath, make sure you reward your cat with a treat, for a job well done.There are a few ways to make bathing more pleasurable to your cat. The simplest and quickest method that I would suggest would be at each stage of the bath that you give your cat a treat, finishing the bath with their favorite. Its important to maintain your pets health and a regular bath is part of that process. Enjoy the time with your pet and they will soon be begging you for a bath 🙂

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