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Best Cat Dandruff Shampoos Within Budget

In our last article we looked at Cat Dander Allergies, today we look at the top 8 best cat dandruff shampoos every cat owner should know about. First off, lets begin by saying, NEVER use a human shampoo on your pet, human shampoos can contain chemicals that are harsh and rough on tender feline skin. […]

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Feline Panleukopenia

Lung Worms in Cats: Causes, Treatments and prevention

There are many different forms of parasites that can infect a cat in various ways. Most of them share similar traits, behaviors and life cycles. Lung worms, however, are unique because this particular parasite will die on its own, even if left untreated. This is also a parasite that can only be contracted through ingestion. […]

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cat ear flap

Ear Flap Problems in Cats: Causes and Treatments

A cat’s ear flaps are an extremely sensitive part of her anatomy. They protect the inside of her ears but are also very vulnerable themselves. Since they are so vulnerable yet important, it’s vial to know when something is wrong and how to correct it. The technical name for a cat’s ear flaps is “pinnae”. […]

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sad cat

Feline Behavioral Health: House Soiling

Your Cat is Not Trying to Get Even with You The most common behavioral problem among cats is using the bathroom outside of the litter box. This means them urinating and defecting on carpet, clothes lying around and even on your bed. It’s easy to assume that your cat is doing this on purpose to […]

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Feline Behavioral Health: Training Your Cats the Right Way

It’s a common misconception that cats cannot be trained. It takes a lot of diligent hard work and patience, but it can be done. When it comes to training your cat, you’re probably looking for ways to get him to stop clawing at the furniture or climbing the drapes instead of getting him to sit […]

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new cat

Feline Behavioral Health:Introducing a New Cat to Resident Cats

Cats are most comfortable with routine. Sometimes, even the tiniest changes in your cat’s environment can upset her. Relocating her litter box, for example, can cause stress in her life. She may even act out by not using the litter box and instead, leaving little gifts throughout the house. Of course, this type of behavior […]

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Heartworms in Cats: Causes, Treatments, Prevention and Tips

Heartworms prompt fear in many pet owners, and for good reason. They are a very serious problem in dogs and are being recognized in cats. It used to be thought that only dogs got heartworms. While it is true that heartworms are more commonly seen in dogs, the parasite is increasingly being recognized to be […]

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Hookworms in Cats: Causes, Treatments, Prevention and Tips

Hookworms are parasites that reside in the intestines of kittens and cats. The most common cat hookworms are called Ancylostoma tubaeforme and the Ancylostoma Braziliense. Hookworms primarily get their name because of the way they are shaped. They are normally two to three millimeters long which are barely visible to the naked eye and they […]

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