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Cat wipes

Cat Wipes: More Than Just you average baby wipes

This article will focus on cat wipes and why every cat owner needs to have these handy. See why the benefits cat make your cat’s life that much better.

Offer a Helping Hand

The popular notion is that cats do not need any help with their grooming. Many people own cats because they are thought to be independent but still offer love and companionship. While it’s true that cats don’t need traditional bathing in the same way that dogs do, they may require a little help from time to time. Having these nifty wipes around will prove to be very helpful and although not a replace, can be a great alternative to a bath.

How Are Cat Wipes Helpful?

Cat wipes are beneficial to have around for multiple reasons. The most obvious reason is to help your cat clean herself when she has gotten into something overly messy. Generally, cats don’t really take to water very well. It stresses them out and is a very unpleasant experience (if they are new to the process). Additionally, as most cat owners know, when you bathe your cat you may get the cold shoulder for the rest of the day 🙂 . Or, at least until she’s dried off and groomed herself back to perfection. It’s better to leave the traditional baths for when they are absolutely necessary.

Most Common Reasons to Reach for a Cat Wipe

  • If your cat goes outside, she may roll around in the dirt while sun bathing or walk through some mud.
  • Indoors, she can get into a multitude of dust and gunk that just isn’t healthy for her to ingest while she’s grooming.
  • Many cats can become stressed while traveling. Taking a trip to the vet may cause your cat to vomit from the anxiety of the car ride. A cat wipe is extremely handy in these cases as well.
  • They are also helpful for overweight cats that have trouble grooming until they reach a healthy weight.
  • In hotter conditions it will help stop your cats skin from drying out and shedding.

Are They Safe?

All cat wipes are gently formulated and nontoxic. The cleansing agents are okay for your cat to ingest. You don’t have to worry about her when she licks and grooms (and she will) directly after being wiped down with a cat wipe.

Shedding and Skin Care

Another reason to have cat wipes around is that the wipes can help minimize shedding. Wipes are designed to clean your cat’s fur of dander (dandruff) and other allergens while leaving behind allergy protection (temporary of course). This is because most wipes are formulated to reinforce/restore your cat’s coat by replenishing the natural protective oils your cat produces. This helps minimize shedding.

Finally, Another welcome benefit is that in most cases the wipes help balance out any unwanted odor that may linger in your cat coats.

Helpful for Allergy Sufferers

They can also ease the symptoms of allergy sufferers. The cleansing agent in cat wipes removes dander and traces of her saliva from her fur. Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. Proteins in cat saliva and dander are what trigger allergic reactions in people that are sensitive to them. Even people who do not have a direct allergy to these proteins can have reactions to cats that go outdoors. If your cat is allowed outside, she can bring in pollen or mold on her fur. Wiping her down with a cat wipe can prevent this trigger for people that suffer from these allergies.

Choosing the Best Wipes

There are a variety of cat wipes available. Some are all natural. They use green tea and tea tree oil to cleanse and moisturize. There are also hypoallergenic and fragrance-free wipes for sensitive kitties. Overall, our top choice is Earthbath™ All Natural Cat Wipes. They are highly recommended because they are effective yet gentle. These are 100-percent bio-degradable, “cruelty free” and safe enough for everyday use, but provides thorough cleansing and odor control.

Above all, they brighten and soften your cat’s coat by using “awapuhi” extract and aloe to moisturize while conditioning. This minimizes shedding and keep your cat’s fur healthy, shiny and smelling fresh for cuddle time.

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