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Cat Grooming: Cat Claw Clippers A must Have

So what do you need to know about trimming your cat’s claws or choosing a good quality nail clipper, well everything!! Every cat owners has felt the loving “Touch” of their feline companions when they are not in the best of moods

Why Cats Sharpen Their Claws

Cats love to sharpen their claws to fine points. It makes catching prey easier, even if your cat’s only prey is a ribbon or feather during playtime. Like much of their behavior, it comes from a place of predatory instinct. Unfortunately, this instinct can leave your furniture in ruins if your cat’s claws are not maintained properly. It’s important to trim your cat’s claws regularly. It saves your furniture and is a vital part of his overall well being.

Another critical reason to trim and clean your cat claws on a regular basis is to help prevent infects from fungus. One word of CAUTION please don’t cut your cats nails to deep. This could lead to a serious condition know as dystrophies. This is a disease that affects the claws or the surrounding area could lead to pain, swelling or redness.

Tricks and Tips for Kittens

Ideally, you’ll want to condition your kitten to be accustomed to having his paws handled. The best way to do this is to play with his paws gently during a petting session. Make sure to touch the pads and the nails themselves. This ensures less stressful nail trims in the future.

How to Trim Your Cat’s Claws

  • Ease your cat into it. You can utilize several methods depending on your cat’s temperament. Some cats need a little coaxing and petting before allowing anyone to touch their paws. Offering his favorite treat can also help.
  • Restrain your cat. For some cats, one person will suffice during a nail trim. Others may need to be restrained by one person while a second person conducts the trim. In either case, make sure you know how to restrain him firmly but comfortably.
  • Keep calm. Always be calm and gentle. Try not to get frustrated or agitated. Your cat will mirror your energy and the process will become even more stressful for both of you. If you notice that your cat is exhibiting signs of pending aggression, such as rapid tail twitching or flattened ears, stop and continue again when he has calmed down.
  • Safely trim the claw. Once he’s more receptive and is allowing the nail trimming process, you’ll need to press down on the joint just above each individual claw. This will fully extend the claw and make the quick visible. The quick is like the pink part of the human fingernail. It has blood vessels and nerve endings. Think of how painful it is when you accidentally cut your nail down to the nail bed. To avoid hitting to deep, simply cut the hook-like tip of your cat’s claw. This is the sharpest point. Repeat the same process for as many claws as you can before your cat gets impatient and agitated. If he doesn’t allow all ten claws to be clipped in one session, look for an opportunity to continue later.

Types of Cat Claw Clippers

In addition to patience, the most important tool to have while trimming your cat’s nails is a sharp cat claw clipper. There are several different kinds available. Some look like scissors with grooves shaped to receive the claw. Some models hold the claw in place and have a scissor-like motion to cut the nail (nippers), while others have a “guillotine” blade. For small kittens, some people prefer using a human baby nail trimmer.

The Overall Best Clipper

The best choice in cat claw clippers is one with a guillotine blade. Provided the blade is sharp, it offers a clean and swift cut. The precision makes it safer to use by allowing you to easily avoid hitting the quick.

It also speeds up the entire process, which benefits both you and your cat. It’s important to replace your clippers regularly. As soon as they become a bit dull, they can begin to crack your cat’s nails, sometimes all the way up to the quick. With the right tools, trimming your cat’s claws can be less of a pain for both of you.

We recommend “Four Paws Ultimate Touch Cat Claw Clipper” because it is a professional grade clippers that is safe, dependable and delivers consistent results. If you concerned getting a pair of clippers grab this one.

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